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How we can help?

The main advantage of Method CRM™ over other solutions is that it can be customised from head-to-toe. This customisation can be done by yourself or by one of our Consultants. Whether the customisation needs are as simple as adding new fields and actions to existing screens, or creating a brand new application from scratch, your Method Consultant will be available to help you create and implement the perfect solution for your company.

Customisation Packages are available in different sizes and scope, and may include basic or in-depth modifications to existing screens, creation of mobile phone screens or custom portals, as well as creating screens from scratch or building new reports and brand new forms.

Method CRM™ runs out-of-the-box in its original state and offers a series of generic functionalty - we suggest you give it a go. Remember you can download a Free Trial from the website - this way you can see for yourself.

Our specialists can help you determine how much customisation you require and will be happy to discuss alternatives with you.


Setup and Sync

The first step is to subscribe to Method CRM, we can then help in setting up the necessary users and installing the sync engine. Our experts will get you up and running in no time. Using your current QuickBooks company file - all data will appear in Method immediately. It can then be used to add new data and view by using your Method screens.



Small tweaks to the current Method screens can be taken care of or larger customisation projects can be planned and deployed. On either desktop or mobile screens our development team can ensure your system works for you and looks and feels like it is part of the business.



We have a number of alternatives for training, either using a more traditional method of documentation or by using our existing webinars, the training is tailored to each customers specific needs. Each member of staff will have only the necessary access and will need training only on their areas of work. 



In some cases our customers have asked us to continue managing the system for them. This includes operational work, for example during staff holidays or for submitting VAT returns, invoicing and when the work load gets too large. We have a group of trained staff that can help either on a temporary or permanent basis.

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