Method gives you the freedom

to manage your business, your way.

More about Method CRM™

Method CRM™ is a QuickBooks integrated, web-based software application that enhances QuickBooks. It not only synchronises in real-time with QuickBooks but it also adds a completely customisable software framework.

In practical terms it allows you to model your business software on your business! It eliminates the need for additional systems such as a CRM or a mass email system by extending the functionality of your accounting system.

Some data on clients for example is shared making Method CRM™a one-of-a-kind QuickBooks plugin. The software also includes some third-party apps from the Method App Library such as Google Apps integration or customer portals that will help enhance your QuickBooks experience. See each of the Method CRM™ Modules for more information about how it is your business can benefit from integrating Method CRM™ into your business.

The system allows you to choose between using the QuickBooks interface or a build your own interface for making changes to your QuickBooks data.

Have you ever wished that your Quickbooks application did more? Then look no further. Method CRM™ allows you to do just this. Compliment the data you store on clients by using the CRM functionality of Method Integration™.

Being a modular application Method CRM™ allows you to activate and use only those modules you require. In addition to the Modules shown above Method also enhances your QuickBooks experience as follows:


  • Allowing unlimited contacts per customer or supplier. QuickBooks only allows one contact and an alternate contact – which in some cases is not enough.
  • Collect as many contacts as you need for each of the companies you do business with.
  • Using the Customer portals to create a self-service “My Account” area on your website. Allow them to view past transactions, print them, or even make payments. Each portal can be fully customised to suit your requirements. 
  • Centralising transactions. The live synchronisation functionality of Method with QuickBooks allows users to update QuickBooks instantly from within a web browser. QuickBooks does not have to be installed on each computer but can be accessed and updated through the Method interface. 
  • Use Web Forms to capture data from clients or support requests and feed them automatically to Method through your website. Avoid double data entry and reduce errors by having clients or suppliers complete a form on your website. Configure them so they are assigned directly to a particular department or member of staff. 
  • Sharing calendars allows everyone to see one another’s tasks and appointments. Using the drag and drop interface allows the user to easily update appointments. 
  • Sending emails and letters with the List Builder. Marketing campaigns can be set-up and sent based on groups of clients, potential clients or suppliers. 
  • Track the activities on file and manage Follow-ups for members of staff. Dashboards and Analytics allow you view your best customers and members of staff and who may not be reaching their full potential. 
  • Your sales pipeline can be viewed easily based upon outstanding opportunities and how close they are to closing.
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