Method gives you the freedom

to manage your business, your way.

Mobile Access

With Method CRM™ each user is able to access their area of the system from anywhere there is an internet connection. The Method Server is on the cloud and as a result constantly available, no need to purchase expensive servers or spend money on maintenance, all this is taken care of by the Method Team. The system is accessed with a desktop, laptop computer an iPad or smartphone with any current web browser.

Access to different areas of the system can be limited based upon individuals or roles which are initially defined. Elements of the accounting are kept as restricted for specific members of staff. This is very simple to set-up using the Method CRM™ interface.

Special screens can be set-up to allow Field Engineers, for example, to view their schedule or pending work orders in order to determine where they should be and details of the job to be completed. The address, postcode and any special comments can be included into each work order to help the Field Engineer arrive at the job on time and with the necessary tools etc...


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