Method gives you the freedom

to manage your business, your way.

Integration and external access

The Gmail Gadget

Method now integrates with Gmail with its Gmail Gadget. The system integrates perfectly and allows the use to continue using Google Apps – the service from Google which provides independently customisable versions of many Google products under a single domain name.

From within Gmail, when you click on an email, the gadget displays the contacts details such as the phone number, the address and the corresponding balance. Any QuickBooks transactions, activities from the CRM, opportunities, as well as cases and documents can also be viewed.  It also gives the user the ability to add new contacts, CRM activities, follow-ups, cases, opportunities and documents without leaving the inbox.  It makes completing these tasks far easier and quicker.

To download the Gmail Gadget go to the Google Apps Marketplace and locate the app ( Method CRM for QuickBooks® and Gmail™ ) or click here


The Outlook Plug-in

Install the Outlook plug-in to assign incoming and outgoing emails to QuickBooks customers, leads and vendors – this way all staff can access them.  From within Outlook you can create a new sales opportunity or customer service case. 

You can also access a Method Address Book to send emails to your QuickBooks contacts. All appointments that are in Outlook can be synchronised with the appointments in Method.


If you would like to install the Outlook plugin - the link is found on the following page - if you have any difficulties - contact us and we can help walk you through the process.

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