Method gives you the freedom

to manage your business, your way.

Field Services

The Method Field Services Application is fully customisable

Since all applications are created by using the same tools, they are fully customisable, and can be treated as a starting point. Customisation on industry-specific applications is especially relevant since they address the very core of what makes your company unique.

Method Field Service Management screens are developed by our designers who use the same drag and drop tools that are available to you as a user. And since all screens are open for you to redesign, you can create new screens or modify the existing screens any way you want.

Personalise Method Field Service Management by adding your logo and colour schemes. Look professional by customising invoices, work orders, and other transactions templates with your logo, company colours, and formats that mimic your paper forms. Embrace your business identity. No two businesses are identical.

We can configure your Method Field Service Management system to match your method of doing business - which is actually why Method is called "Method"! Create your own portals, share your system with customers, partners, and vendors. For example, you might want to allow customers to see service schedules, and partners to see current product inventory counts - giving them 24/7 access to real-time information, without even having to contact you.

Create your own mobile browser interfaces

When you design your own screens you can choose to publish in "Mobile Mode" which optimizes them for use on Windows Mobile, Android and iPhone browsers. Yes, you can create your own personal mobile applications! Create your own reports, charts and graphs. Method comes with a built-in Report Designer that allows you to modify and build reports, charts, and graphs that can be displayed as images in Method Field Service screens, or as a PDF document, to be electronically filed or sent as an email attachment. Create your own buttons. Every button on a screen is completely configurable. For example, you can change the actions behind a button to not only modify a record and clear the screen, but also send you an email, or perform data validation

Create your own screens

Copy and modify existing screens or create your own. This allows you to change how much information you are collecting, how you collect it, what is required, and what is optional.

Customisation Services

We offer customisation services to do all the modifications for you. Tell us what you want, we'll give you a price, and together we'll build your own customised web application. Our Consultants are available to discuss with you any customisation needs, from making a few minor changes to creating a whole new system. It's like getting a custom program developed for you, but at a fraction of the price and in a fraction of the time.

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