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The CRM - Breaking it down

Have you ever wished that your QuickBooks application did more? Then look no further. Method CRM™ allows you to do just this. Compliment the data you store on clients by using the CRM functionality of Method CRM™

Being a modular application Method CRM™ allows you to activate and use only those modules you require.

Tasks and Activities

You don’t have to continue using Notes and Todo’s from within Quickbooks. Method has extended this functionality and allows you to track phones calls, emails, appointments, marketing letters and services that may have been performed. So that nothing is ever forgotten again. Easily setup reminders and follow-ups and assign them to members of staff.

Review staff workloads and use the tasks and activities to help track time and staff performance. Filter tasks and activities by type, date, status and any other available field.

Configure the tasks with the information that is important to your business.


Review the current opportunities and at which stage they are at in the sales process. This should ultimately help you close more sales. Method CRM™ allows you to view sales activities and share them with staff members even when they are not at their desks. Method CRM™ is available on most mobile devices such as iPads or smartphones. Sales staff no longer have the need to sit in front of a computer all day long. They can update their opportunities on the go.

Cases and Solutions

Method CRM™ allows you to track your customer service or support requests. Customers are able to create, update or simply review the status of their requests through the customer support portal. Check the status of support requests and manage staff workloads.


Using Method CRM™ it is possible to upload and share documents with all users. Assign documents to activities or customers and opportunities. Documents can also be uploaded to QuickBooks transactions, and with a little customisation Method CRM™ can integrate with so that any documents uploaded in Method appear in the SmartVault Toolbar in Quickbooks.


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