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Our team have been using Method CRM™ now for a considerable amount of time.  We discovered it when researching for a viable solution for one of our customers.  On reviewing all the CRM solutions on the market we decided that Method CRM™ gave our customer much more than a CRM.  It offered the flexibility of a bespoke system without the expense.  Another important factor was its ability to plug in with the accounting application.  So many SME's don't have the time or ability to track everything to be done.  With Method CRM™ however this is not the case.  The operation feeds the accounts - quite literally! 

We looked to make the decision making process an easier one based upon the production of Management Information either from the Accounts or the Operational or Production side of the business this is much easier with Method CRM™.

With Antonio's background in Finance and General Management and Caroline's systems background we make a great team of consultants for today's modern businesses.

We have a great team of individuals that work alongside us in a modern office set-up with all necessary equipment to help ensure we deliver excellent services to our clients. We use the systems we deploy for our clients in many cases and all our members of staff are fully trained to a very high standard.

Don't hesitate to contact us or pop in for a coffee we would like to put your mind at ease and explain how we think Method CRM™ would work for your business.


Our Team

Antonio Macedo


Caroline Smith

Director/Project Manager

Hector Garcia

Lead Developer

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