Synchronise QuickBooks with Method CRM™

Method CRM™ is a QuickBooks integrated, web-based software application that enhances QuickBooks. It not only synchronises in real-time with QuickBooks but it also adds a completely customisable software framework.
Synchronise <b>QuickBooks</b> with Method CRM™

Access your data anywhere and at any time

With Method CRM™ each user is able to access their area of the system from anywhere there is an internet connection.
Access your data <b>anywhere</b> and at <b>any time</b>

Integrate Method CRM™ with Outlook or Google Apps

Integrate the system with your current accounts by using Google Apps, this allows you to view and add QuickBooks and CRM data directly from within Gmail. The Outlook plugin syncs emails and calendar appointments. Connects with for document management.
Integrate Method CRM™ with <b>Outlook</b> or <b>Google Apps</b>

Give access to your field staff using a mobile device

Since all applications are created by using the same tools, they are fully customisable, and can be treated as a starting point.
Give access to your <b>field staff</b> using a <b>mobile device</b>

Method Field Services allows mobile access and was designed to be used by, and customized to suit any company that needs to schedule services to be performed by their staff or subcontractors in the field - for example, Property Maintenance and Redecoration, Lawn Care, Landscaping, Pest Control, Irrigation, Heating, Plumbing, Electrical, Pool Maintenance or Cleaning.

Optional additional modules can include Method CRM - a fully customizable Customer Relationship Management system, and Method Warehouse - a powerful, yet simple inventory control system, which even includes a MRP (Materials Requirement Planning) Calculator for companies that manufacture goods.

Access Anytime, Anywhere

Method Field Service Management allow access to the data 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The company may have service teams on the field, staff that work from home or even multiple offices. Online access enables anyone in your company to work remotely from anywhere in the world, simply by having access to a computer or mobile phone with a web browser and internet access.


Method Field Services Management Core Features include the ability to:

  • Schedule one time and recurring work orders.
  • Schedule by time of day, or by route order.
  • Dispatch unassigned work orders from a Waiting List to a calendar.
  • Print, email and customize work order and route list templates.
  • Turn completed work orders into invoices.
  • Invoice one work order at a time, or as a batch for a selected date range.
  • Record actual employee or subcontractor start and stop times for invoicing or payroll.
  • Plot service routes on Google Maps.
  • Use your mobile phone to view work orders, materials used, and even, to track time.

With Method Field Services Management system you will also find:

  • User grouping to categorize crew divisions and tech skill sets.
  • Work orders can span many days and cross over midnight.
  • Turn estimates into scheduled work orders.
  • Invoices and start and stop times post in real time to QuickBooks.
  • Customer equipment and serial number tracking.
  • Customizable Estimated vs. Actual Man Hours report.
  • Customizable job profitability reports.
  • Customizable templates for all your forms.
  • Read More about the Features of Field Services

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